Senior Health Care

“Aging in a dog or cat is associated with gradual deterioration in the delicate interrelationships among the body systems, which predisposes the dog or cat to acquired disease.”  (Geriatrics & Gerontology of the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition)

The most important aspect of routine appointments is the opportunity to detect and address health problems.  Many aspects of your pets’ health can change in a very short amount of time because every year of your pet life is equivalent to about 5-7 human years.   Some common concerns in the senior pet include reduced mobility, obesity, dental disease, chronic pain, diminished eyesight, loss of urinary control.

At 7 years of age, we recommend annual bloodwork, and in some cases urinalysis, to evaluate the internal organs (ex: liver, kidneys).  This provides valuable information on the health of the internal organs and overall health of your pet.  If health concerns warrant closer attention, additional examinations and diagnostics may be recommended.  This is all in an effort to closely monitor your pet so they may live the longest and healthiest life.